Thursday, January 14, 2010

GSD's New Releases

Happy New Years Everyone !!!

Sorry that I have been a little missing lately with the blog, but my life is just crazy right now...I am really trying to work on balance in my life right now and not doing a good job of it. I started a new class as well that has taken some of my time, then my computer has been acting up, it freezes up a lot and is very slow - if any of you have any suggestions I would appreciate them, otherwise its going into the doctor's next week sometime !!! don't come here to hear me ramble.......yesterday actually Lyndie released a new collab kit, take a look !!!

For a limited time only, you get not 1 but 2 FREE WITH PURCHASES ADD ONS - take a look at these !!!

And finally, Lyndie and Nikki are having a sale over at Designs in Digital - take a look and this would be an AWESOME time to go and grab some of their awesome kits that you've been eyeing!!!

Thanks for bearing with me !!! Hope that you enjoy the sale over at DID !!! Until next time!!

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