Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am alive !!!

I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know that I am alive, its just been a busy/crazy, but exciting week - the kids & I are moving into our own place, so we've been busy cleaning, packing and painting so we can actually sleep there hopefully tonight or tomorrow night!! I promise to be back sometime next week with some layouts for you guys !!!

Thanks for your patience !!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Challenge Time

Hi everyone !! Happy Monday, Tracy here today in the middle of August (yes, can you believe it !!!) to share with you an awesome little challenge that I am hosting over on the Gone Scrappin Designs Blog (be sure to click on over there to book mark it for yourself).

We have such awesome and talented ladies that are part of the Creative Team over at Gone Scrappin Designs, so I want you to SCRAPLIFT a layout from one of them.

This month I chose the very talented TIFFANY to scraplift.

So what you need to do is click on Tiffany`s gorgeous picture with her adorable son and this will take you to her gallery which is LOADED with awesome layouts !!! Choose a layout that you like and then SCRAPLIFT it...and by SCRAPLIFT it, you can copy it exactly the way she has it, change colours, flip it, rotate it - just use the theme...doesn`t matter. I have chosen one - take a look at this gorgeous layout !!!

So, I am off to make my layout and then I will come back here to share what I created. When you do the same, click on back to the Gone Scrappin Blog and post a comment with a link to your page. (Deadline is August 31st) And you know what the best part is. Just for participating your name will be entered for a chance to WIN a gorgeous kit from Gone Scrappin Designs !!! Isn`t that A W E S O M E !!! Now what are you waiting for - go on....time to get SCRAPPIN!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Fish Tales

I love that title...FISH TALES !!! (LOL) And Lyndie (from GSD) really did a great job with this awesome kit !! Take a look (and the image should be clickable to take you right to the store if you want to purchase this one !!!)

And this is the second layout that I have done with it....I even have another one in mind - I just hope that I can make some time inbetween packing to do it up for this week.

Isn't that alpha so adorable !!! I love it !!! And the best part is it is part of the kit !! Sometimes alphas are seperate, but not in this kit !! Just so you know, I outlined the alpha with white - maybe some day when I get ambitious I will film a tutorial on some of this digital stuff !!! Ya right !!! I'm not making any promises !!!

Well, I should be off, because I have a cake to make this morning. Didn't I tell you guys?? I'm taking a cake decorating course in London (big city about 20 minutes from my little town)....I have always dabbled in cake decorating for my kids birthdays, but I want to learn to professionally so this is what I decided to do !!! I am LOVING it !!!! I will take a picture as this is my first cake for the 2nd class tonight !!!

I also should start making some Halloween invites for my sisters annual party we have, she asked me to come up with something simple for her so I have to start working on those too !!! So much to do and so little time !!! LOL !!!

Have a great day !!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Non-Digital for a change

I have to start off by saying WOZERS !!! I can't believe that it has been OVER a week that I updated my blog. I guess that is what happens when "real" life gets in the way !!! HAHAHAHA

Well, lets do some catching up before I show you what I have today - and its not digital either !! I know SHOCK !!!

I hope that you all go the chance to pop on over to GONE SCRAPPIN DESIGNS BLOG to grab the awesome freebies that we had for you during our new blog party last week !!! I hope that you got them, because they were just AWESOME !!!

As I said above, my crazy "real" life has just been a little more crazy these last few weeks. As you all know, I am recently going through a divorce and I have my beautiful 3 children for two weeks then my x-hubby has them for two weeks....well the weeks that I have the children are like super busy with their soccer, and swimming and just family stuff. Put into the mix that we have FINALLY found our own place (an apartment) and we will be moving in the next week or two, so we've been busy packing and getting new things set up for the move....that is a lot of work in itself !! But the kids are excited and so am I....we're all ready to start this next new chapter in our lives.

This past weekend on Saturday - yes the one where it rained ALL DAY practically, my two youngest ones had to play soccer in the year-end tournament !!! Despite the rain it was an awesome day !!! This year, they both had the bestest coaches - each of them having two - so I decided to make them a thank you card. Yes, I dug out some of my stamps and made something. Nothing too fancy and I really preferred Noah's cards - because his team colours were nicer then Mia's....but check them out for yourself.

So....what do you think?? Noah's cards were the turquoise colour on your left and Mia's team was the navy blue on the right. The navy is bad, its just darker and I don't know ...I just like the other ones more !!! I used my Stampin Up stamps and I think this one is a retired one called I LOVE SOCCER. Here are some pictures of them individually by themselves !!!

Now to show you that some of this card is dimensional here is a side view of the card, I pop darted some of it !!!

And finally, this last one is of Noah's card all by itself !!!

Well everyone, I hope that you enjoyed my post today with all my ramblings and then something non-digital for you.....but I will be back tomorrow night with a scrappin page...I seem to get more done when the kids go back to their dad's - go figure !!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone !!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fish Tales is a new release !!

Happy Tuesday Girls !!!

Yesterday was an awesome Canada we had a holiday, its called the CIVIC HOLIDAY and even though my kids were gone for the weekend with their dad, I kept myself busy with "extended" family (aunts/uncles/cousins, even my grandma) and had a great time !!!

Back a few days ago, I gave you a little SNEEK PEAK to a new kit that Gone Scrappin was releasing...well I have to apologize for the delay in actually revealing the kit, but there was some issues with the store Designs in Digital that usually holds all of Lyndie's kits (someone hacked into it and deleted the whole site - they are currently re-building if you've seen some WONKY things going on over there !!! ) so it delayed this release, but Lyndie didn't want to delay anymore, so you can head over to the sister site of Designs in Digital called Just Digi and grab this kit. (CLICK ON IMAGE !!!)

And this is a page that I recently created with the kit, I have lots of other pictures that I want to use this kit for of my kids fishing, so you will be seeing more and more from me very soon (pending that my kids give me some time on the computer again !!!)

I like the way it turned out....a little on the "simple" side for me. I am always doing double pages with LOTS of pictures so this single page was a very big "stretch" for me, but I'm glad that I do these every once in awhile !!!

See you again tomorrow !!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Party Going On !!!

Let's get this party started!!! Well it already has started, I am a little slow in getting this posted.

GONE SCRAPPIN DESIGNS is having a week of great things going on over there !!! First of all you can get some FREEBIES which is always awesome to do (you'll have to go over to see what it is) and you get to meet some of the awesome ladies that I get to work and create with !!! Yes, you get to meet the entire creative girls!! Each day this week will feature the girls and some of their awesome work !!! Then you will get to meet the DESIGNERS !!! Nikki & Lyndie are awesome, be sure to check back so you can see for yourself !!!

Head on over there!!!