Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yet another card to share !!!

Hello everyone !!!

I am back with another card to share today. This is going to be a quick one....this is a card that I made for my boyfriend, Trent to give to his mom for Mother's Day !!!

I went on to Splitcoaststampers and cased this card from there.

Now here is a view of the inside !!!

Thanks for stopping in to my little space on the web and I hope to finish up that darn page from Christmas this week to share with you, so be sure to check back !!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Card Making - Part 2

Wohoo !!!

This will be 3 days in a row that I have posted on my blog - aren't you guys proud of me !!!

Today is just going to be a really quick one though !!! Want to share with you the next set of cards that I made. My middle daughter Mia will be celebrating her First Communion in a couple of weeks (May 30th) and I wanted to make her a special card from us for this special occasion. Also my boyfriend's nephew Brodie also celebrated his First Communion a few weeks ago, so it was perfect....I always like to make more then one card when I drag everything out.

So without further adieu, here is my cards - one for a boy and one for a girl - obviously !!!

And here is a look at the one card (for my Mia) upclose !!!

Thanks for checking me out !!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Card Making

Yes, you read my title correctly !!!

I have been making some cards lately - - now don't get too excited it isn't much my stash was getting down and I needed some birthday cards and what not so I dug out some of my papers and stamps and take a look at what I created !!!

The first set was just a masculine type of card to have on hand...I actually gave one of these to my boyfriend's brother Todd for his birthday recently in April and I think he liked it - you know guys !!

So here are some different views of the card - inside and out !!! I know I even decorated the inside, aren't you proud of me !!!

Here is both views for you !!

Just the outside or front of the card:

Just the inside:

I was very proud of myself for creating these and I really enjoyed it and I even did some more...I have a First Communion Card and a Mother's Day card to share with you over the next few days so watch for those !!!

And I am going to break out my punches shortly and attempt to make a very special card for my nephew's upcoming 3rd birthday in July - he really likes Handy Mandy so I am going to make a tool card for him...watch for that !!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Soooo Sorry !!!! Bad Blogger !!!

I really can't believe that it has almost been a month since my last post !!! I am such a bad blogger !!! WoW ~~

I am having a really hard time with my mojo lately...I just am not happy with anything that I have been creating lately. I have been doing this 2 page spread about Christmas with my family (and I mean my sisters/nieces/nephew, etc) and it just is missing something - pretty soon I am just going to give up on it and move on.

Do you have those moments?? Well this has really put me in a bad mood as far as scrapping goes...I need to finish that layout before I move on. I for some reason can not be working on two pages at the same time, if you know what I mean. I finish one then move to the next and soon this Christmas layout is going to go !!! HAHAHA!!!

So for today - - I want to show you another layout from this Christmas (maybe I need to move beyond December pictures and that may help me as well.) This layout used Christina's kit called ARE YOU GAME - take a look !!!

And this is a layout that I did of my two youngest ones playing on the Wii that they got for Christmas from the big guy!!!

Well I am hoping to be back really soon (and I know this because I am going to schedule the posts right now !!! hehehehe !!! hopefully that works) with some non-digital stuff for you.

Thanks for popping into my little world!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Christmas Layout !!!

Hey everyone,

I'm back !! Sorry that my posts are so sporatic...I think that I can do this, then life just gets in the way and the next thing I know - 2 weeks have flown by.

Today's post shows off another one of Christina's (WimpyChompers Creations) older kits - this one is called MAKING A MESS - take a peek!!!

For this one - it was an easy one. Every year we have this family tradition of doing our Christmas Baking all on one day and doing a cookie exchange type of thing so we all end up with LOADS of goodies to have. Take a look at this layout !!! (** reminder to view a larger image, just click on it !!!)

That is all for now - I promise the next few layouts won't be Christmas related !!! Hope you all have a great Monday !!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Christmas Layouts

As I said previously I am trying to get my 2009 scrapbook pages caught up - so when doing that I started in December and looked at my pictures and scrapped what pages I wanted to. So that being said, I have a couple of Christmas pages to share with you today.

Be fair warned...I take LOTS of photos, just ask my kids !!! LOL !!! And that is why I usually create double page layouts to fit all of my lovely pics in them. Now these two layouts today that I am sharing uses some of Christina's older kits - but I hope you can incorporate them into something you have or I am sure there are other kits out there that would work as well.

This kit was called CHRISTMAS MAGIC...take a look:

And now the two layouts that I have done with this kit. The first one is of us decorating our tree and then of Christmas Morning goings ons....love these!!!

Thanks for stopping in today and I will be back with more layouts to share with you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

WimpyChompers Creations Has Moved !!

Hello everyone,

Today's announcement is about the team I create for - Christina from WimpyChompers Creations has moved her store...she is exclusively at Scrap Matters now and we all couldn't be happier !!!

I have been busy scrapping up a storm lately - I really want to get my 2009 album completed so I can print it off and trying to stay current with 2010....not having much luck on either, but I am getting there slowly but surely !!!

Here are two layouts that I have used with Wimpychompers latest kit called NO GIRLS ALLOWED - hope you like them !!! First is a preview of the kit....

And now my layouts - both are of my son and his best buddies !!!

I will be back again with more pages that I have done and this time, I have some double page layouts for your enjoyment !!! Until next time - thanks for stopping by !!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Back !!

Hello Everyone !!!

Soooooo very sorry that its been so long since I have posted.....I just had some personal things that I needed to work through and get back into this, so here I am. I am going to be re-doing the blog thing - bring it up to date so watch for that shortly.

Thanks for all of you hanging in there with me...you will be seeing some exciting things here coming up !!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

GSD's New Releases

Happy New Years Everyone !!!

Sorry that I have been a little missing lately with the blog, but my life is just crazy right now...I am really trying to work on balance in my life right now and not doing a good job of it. I started a new class as well that has taken some of my time, then my computer has been acting up, it freezes up a lot and is very slow - if any of you have any suggestions I would appreciate them, otherwise its going into the doctor's next week sometime !!!

Sorry..you don't come here to hear me ramble.......yesterday actually Lyndie released a new collab kit, take a look !!!

For a limited time only, you get not 1 but 2 FREE WITH PURCHASES ADD ONS - take a look at these !!!

And finally, Lyndie and Nikki are having a sale over at Designs in Digital - take a look and this would be an AWESOME time to go and grab some of their awesome kits that you've been eyeing!!!

Thanks for bearing with me !!! Hope that you enjoy the sale over at DID !!! Until next time!!