Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Card Making

Yes, you read my title correctly !!!

I have been making some cards lately - - now don't get too excited it isn't much my stash was getting down and I needed some birthday cards and what not so I dug out some of my papers and stamps and take a look at what I created !!!

The first set was just a masculine type of card to have on hand...I actually gave one of these to my boyfriend's brother Todd for his birthday recently in April and I think he liked it - you know guys !!

So here are some different views of the card - inside and out !!! I know I even decorated the inside, aren't you proud of me !!!

Here is both views for you !!

Just the outside or front of the card:

Just the inside:

I was very proud of myself for creating these and I really enjoyed it and I even did some more...I have a First Communion Card and a Mother's Day card to share with you over the next few days so watch for those !!!

And I am going to break out my punches shortly and attempt to make a very special card for my nephew's upcoming 3rd birthday in July - he really likes Handy Mandy so I am going to make a tool card for for that !!!

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